How To Record Slow Motion Videos Apple iPhone X

If you’d prefer to know how to record slow-motion videos on your iPhone X, this article is for you. Apple’s iPhone X includes a slow-motion video capture feature. The iPhone X reproduces in the video pupo slowly, a series of speedy movements recorded by the camera. this is created possible by the good process power possessed by this Apple device. Recording slow-motion videos on your iPhone X is a simple task and very entertaining . Below, we are going to show you the step-by-step directions for using this feature and enjoy it.

Recording Videos in slow motion on iPhone X

  1. Switch on your Apple iPhone X
  2. Then access your phone’s Camera
  3. Once the live camera is actively showing, swipe to change the recording mode to Slo-Mo

Now, this technique will set the default Camera recording option to Slo-Mo. you can modification this simply by swiping once more in either direction to change the recording mode on your iPhone X.