How To Repair Samsung Galaxy J7 IMEI Number

Samsung Galaxy J7 IMEI Number

Samsung Galaxy J7 IMEI Number

A common issue facing Samsung Galaxy phones is that the IMEI doesn’t work properly and needs to be repaired. The Samsung Galaxy J7 IMEI # Issue faces a similar situation that different Galaxy smartphones face and a few Galaxy J7 house owners are dealing with issues that won’t enable them to use services like Mobile data, Calls, SMS etc. even though the Galaxy J7 has seen nice success since it’s been released around the world, we’ll help teach you how to Repair Samsung Galaxy J7 IMEI #. the following could be a guide with 2 totally different ways to learn how to fix the IMEI number issue on the Samsung Galaxy J7.

Fix Un-updated firmware

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy J7
  2. From the main screen, move to “Apps”
  3. Select “Settings”
  4. Select “About Device”
  5. Select the “Software Update” option
  6. Select “Download” when the appear message shows up
  7. Wait till the download is complete

Restore and repair null IMEI

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy J7
  2. Enable and enter into the USB debugging mode
  3. Then connect the Samsung Galaxy J7 to the pc
  4. Download the EFS restorer express
  5. Open up the app then run the EFS-BACK.BAT file
  6. Choose a way in order to restore the EFS via odin

Following the steps from above should fix the Samsung Galaxy J7 IMEI # issue. but if the problem continues to be happening, use this IMEI number check to make sure there's no serious problems with the Samsung Galaxy J7.