How To Solve Failed Email Connection To Server On iPhone 7

How To Solve failed Email connection To Server On iPhone 7

Today’s guide focuses on fixing the iPhone 7 email server connection problems displayed by the message that reads “Cannot Get Mail the connection to Server failed.” This error is usually displayed once your smartphone tries to email messages especially from Microsoft Exchange. The solutions outlined below have proven effective in solving this issue on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus.

Re-enter your Account Passwords

The email to server connectivity issues may arise due to a recent change of your login passwords in desktop.

On your iOS device, from the Settings, move to the Mail and click on Contacts then select Calendar and choose Account. From here you'll be able to click on password to enter your new password.

Your iPhone 7 will then prompt for a sign in so as to make these changes effective. Once you complete logging in, your email account will update the password changes then refresh your emails.

Note: If the prompt to sign in isn't shown, attempt the previous method 2 to 3 times.

Try to change the password Settings

You can fix the matter stated in the starting by changing your Yahoo or Microsoft Exchange email account then retest to see if the matter has been fixed.

Moving Emails to a different Inbox or Inboxes

You should attempt fixing the problems at hand by moving all your emails to a temporary folder that is created on the server.

Change the security Settings on your Microsoft Exchange

  1. Open the Active Directory users as well as pc
  2. From the top menu click on view and select Advanced options.
  3. Locate and right click on mail account then select properties
  4. Tap on the security tab and select the advanced choice
  5. Check the “include inheritance permissions from this objects parents”

Other ways

  • Turning off your Cloud. Get into all of your email accounts and reset the passwords
  • Enabling then disabling the airplane Mode
  • Deleting the e-mail account and the creating a new one.
  • Resetting your Network Settings through the Settings. Then proceed by selecting General, Reset then reset Network Settings.
  • Changing the Mail Days to sync option to be No Limit