21 January 2018

How To Use Developer Mode on LG V30


    How To Use LG V30 Developer Mode

    There are things that are beyond what an average user can utilize once it involves the android software. As an automaton device, the LG V30 options such things, which Google has opted to hide from the average user. folks call it the Developer options. once users enable the developer options on the LG V30, you'll gain access to a plethora of never before seen settings which you'll be able to modify to enhance your usage of the device. Also, with the Developer options, you have got the ability to customize specific parts of your device, alter settings, or activate USB debugging and lots of more.

    Enabling developer options on the LG V30 is pretty simple. It only takes a few of presses on the screen and you're set. The the directions below will guide you on the way to access the Developer options on your LG V30.

    Should I enable Developer Mode?

    To answer bluntly, yes. this can be because whenever you activate developer options on the LG V30, there won’t be any detrimental effect that can impact your smartphone. By enabling Developer options, will get a more or less behind the scenes look on the inner workings of your device, which are generally are hidden by Google by default, because of the fact that you just should understand what you're doing when you enable the feature in the first place, so that the options won’t be so foreign to you and you're free to do as you please.

    How to enable Developer Mode on LG V30

    Before anything, open the settings menu. the best way to access it's by sliding down the notification bar and pressing the gear-shaped icon located at the top right corner of the screen. After that, move to the “About device” then click on the “build number.” after a few of consecutive clicks, a prompt will appear. when that happens, click four more times and voila, you're smart to go. the next step is to press the back button and return to the previous settings menu on the LG V30. after going back to the settings menu, you’ll notice that a whole new option is available above the “About device.” The Developer options is simply above the about device setting. Pressing it'll grant you access to the ne'er before seen developer menu, which needs to be turned on to avail of its full functionality.

    Now that you just have activated the Developer options on the LG V30, you'll have access to settings that are geared towards advanced users of the android software. The benefit of activating the developer options is that you just now have the capacity to utilize settings is usually hidden from the average user. Once you're in the developer options, you’ll see settings like animation scale options which are set to 1x by default and by changing it to 0.5x will make your phone faster than ever before.