How To Use WiFi Hotspot Capability on iPhone 7

How To Use WiFi Hotspot Capability Of iPhone 7

Using the WiFi Hotspot capability of your iPhone 7 comes handy especially when connecting different devices to the web. you may also find it helpful to set up your iPhone 7 as a WiFi Hotspot whenever there's slow or weak public WiFi signal strength.

To utilize the WiFi hotspot capability of your iPhone 7 device, you must 1st set up the Hotspot on your device. This guide teaches our readers how to change the password and also the security type of their iPhone 7 and mobile hotspot.

Using iPhone 7 Hotspot Capability

  1. Turn your iPhone 7 ON
  2. Open the settings from the home screen
  3. Tap on Cellular
  4. Choose Personal Hotspot
  5. Toggle On the Wi-Fi switch
  6. Create your password by following the directions below:

  • Settings > Personal Hotspot > Password
  • Then write in your new password

Changing the Hotspot Name on your iPhone 7

  1. Ensure your iPhone 7 is powered on.
  2. Tap on Settings from your device’s home screen.
  3. Select about then click on Name
  4. Now, enter your new name for the iPhone 7 Hotspot

if you finish up with a non functional mobile Hotspot once correctly following the steps to make it, then its smart to consult your wireless carrier because a few data plans don't provide mobile Hotspot till when you upgrade to it. The wireless carrier may give you a compatible plan.