iPhone X Battery Drains Fast

 iPhone X Battery Drains Fast

iPhone X Battery Drains Fast

For those who own an iPhone X, you will need to understand how to fix the battery drains fast issues  on iPhone X. a number of the battery drains fast issues are based on the kinds of apps that are getting used or iOS software system bugs that require to be fixed. the following will explain many ways that to help fix a fast battery drain on an Apple iPhone X.

Reboot or Reset iPhone X

Sometimes once the iPhone X battery is dying quickly, the simplest choice is to factory reset the Apple iPhone X. Another nice reason to factory reset an iPhone X6is to get a fresh start on the device. Follow this guide on how to reboot & reset the iPhone X.

Disable Or Manage Background sync

When apps are getting used, these apps are still draining the battery on your iPhone X. the simplest way to help fix the fast draining battery on the iPhone X is to shut these apps when it’s not used.

You’ll notice once disabling Facebook background sync, the Apple iPhone X battery life are going to be much better.

Disable LTE, Location, Bluetooth

Simply put, LTE, Location, and Bluetooth may be draining your battery without your knowledge. If you're not actively using these feateres, and your battery is fast draining – simply turn them off and see how long your charge lasts. also beware of apps that burn excess battery.

Use iPhone X Low Power Mode

  1. Turn your smartphone on
  2. Access Settings
  3. Choose Battery
  4. Toggle between Off and On

Disable Wi-Fi

WiFi may be a secret drainer of battery, especially after you are nowhere near a a router to supply you with wireless web. once using your data, there is minimal use for this feature. it'll drain your battery if used excessively for no reason

Reduce Tethering

Reduce the number of tethering that's done with your iPhone X. yes the tethering feature is nice for connecting other devices to the net, but this feature drains the battery of the iPhone X fast. the simplest way to fix a fast dying battery on the iPhone X is to simply shut down the tethering feature, or reduce the amount of your time it’s used.