iPhone X Lock Screen Not Working

Owners of the iPhone X may need to know how they will fix the lock screen of their device once it begin misbehaving. The lock screen of the iPhone X is one of the necessary and major aspects of the iPhone device, this makes it compulsory to always make sure that the lock screen is working perfectly.

Changing iPhone X Lock Screen Wallpaper

It is quite simple to change the wallpaper of your iPhone X. you simply need to locate the Settings app from your home screen and click on the Wallpaper option. after doing this, click on select a new Wallpaper and you'll be supplied with 2 choices. you can either select a wallpaper from the inbuilt wallpapers or you can use a private image as wallpaper. As on as you see the preferred image, click on set and select whether you wish to use it for your the Lock Screen, Home Screen or you will prefer to set it for both choices.