iPhone X Ringer volume very low for incoming call

iPhone X Ringer volume very low for incoming call

Apple have released it one of most powerful featured iPhone X recently with terribly new technology in it. a number of the technologies offered by Apple during this iPhone X is sort of innovative and new within the market. The iPhone X created|is formed|is created} a lot of intelligent and made to understand your habits  and needs and act in keeping with that. but with the new iPhone X some users face issue with Ringer volume when a call comes. the problem happens like, sometimes the iPhone X ringer volume goes very low and not able to increase the volume so it stays louder.

 more once user receives a call the volume is low and goes even lower on subsequent  rings. several users reports it as fluctuations in volume once iPhone rings. so while call is ringing the iPhone, the user try to attempt to use the volume up button to extend the Ringer volume it will increase the volume for the sound but NOT the Ringer. it should seem to be issue once ringer volume isn't working in iPhone X.

So what's the problem with iPhone X ringer volume :

Actually this is often not a problem with iPhone X however it’s a feature to avoid unnecessary sound created by phones once not required.
iPhone X lowers ringer volume if its face detection algorithm determines that you’re looking at the phone, during which case an audio cue is not any longer required. but since it's based mostly upon the FaceID feature , iPhone X should ring normally once the screen is off, or you’re not looking at it.

In case you don’t like iPhone X auto controlling ringer volume, to turn off this feature you have to go into Accessibility and turn off the bottom "Attention" setting. Then, the ringer will set to max volume and whenever you receives any call the iPhone X can ring at same sound level while not ant fluctuations.
go to settings > press on face Iid & passcode > then close the button

Clearly Apple is coming up with nice innovation within the market which can take some times for users to get comfortable with.