iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working

iPhone X problems With touch Screen

When you can’t press on the screen on your iPhone X, the primary thing that comes to your mind is that the screen is broken, thus it should be replaced. However, as we always mention in all of our guides, not all hardware problems are caused by broken parts or chips on your phone. Most of the time, it’s as a result of there’s a bug or a problem on your software system that’s causing the problem. during this article, we’ll be showing you whether you need to bring your phone to the closest Apple Center or you simply need to tweak on some stuff on your phone. thus without further ado, here ar the explanations why your touchscreen is malfunctioning and what you should do with it.

Why is my Touchscreen not working?

Most of the days upon the shipment method, the touchscreen of your iPhone X collides into hard objects or fall, resulting to a faulty touchscreen.
Most of the days, too, your phone suffers from bugs and software system problems that results for your touchscreen to not be accessible. though Apple releases updates that solve the problem, know that it'd take time for developers to be ready to do it.

How to Fix your Touchscreen

Performing a factory Reset

  1. Open your Smartphone
  2. Head on to the Settings application then opt for General
  3. Search then click Reset
  4. Type in your Apple ID and Apple ID password
  5. Wait for a couple of minutes because the rebooting of your phone should take a minute
  6. Once it’s done, the welcome screen will appear saying “Swipe to Continue”

Performing a hard Reset

Before doing this, please note that performing a hard reset will junk and erase all setting, data, and applications on your phone. we tend to advise you to make a backup before doing this. To backup your phone, move to Settings > Backup & reset. to know more about this matter, please read how to hard reset iPhone X.

  1. Long press the home and sleep button at the same time
  2. Hold it for 10 seconds
  3. Before the backup initialization method begin, your phone will go through an unusual process
  4. After the method is finished, it’ll automatically go to your home screen

Clear your Phone’s Cache

Open your phone then move to the Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. Afterwards, select Manage Storage. Then that press an item in Documents and data. After that, swipe in leftward motion items you would like to junk then press Delete. Lastly, press Edit > Delete All to get rid of all the application’s data.

Pull out your Sim Card

Shutdown your smartphone. Pull out your SIM card then reinsert it once more. Afterwards, boot your iPhone X to see if the problem has been solved .