How To Fix iPhone X Turns Off Randomly


The Apple iPhone X has been called one of the simplest Phones of 2017. however one issue that some iPhone X house owners face is the Apple iPhone X turns off randomly for no reason at all.

This issue with the Apple iPhone X randomly shuts off and randomly restarts isn't normal for this iPhone X. Below we’ll make a case for how you can fix the Apple iPhone X from turning off and restarting randomly.

Factory Reset iPhone X

The first technique you must try to fix the Apple iPhone X that randomly keeps turning off is to factory reset the iPhone X. the following is a guide how to factory reset the iPhone X. It’s necessary to notice that before you go to factory reset a iPhone X, you must back up all files and {data} to stop any data from being lost.

Clear cache on Apple iPhone X

After you factory reset the iPhone X, it’s suggested to wipe the cache partition of the iPhone X (Learn how to clear the iPhone X). turn the iPhone X on and choose on Settings. Then click on General and click on Storage & iCloud Usage. Then choose on Manage Storage and click on an item in Documents and data. Then slide all unwanted items to the left and click on Delete. Final choose on Edit and click on Delete All to get rid of all the app’s data.

Manufacture warranty 

If none of the above ways have worked, it’s suggest to check to see if the Apple iPhone X is still under warranty. the reason for this is often because there could be serious problems with the iPhone and if the iPhone X is still under warranty, it will be replaced which will fix your issues.