How To Make App Folder In iPhone 8 Plus

How To Make App Folder In iPhone 8 Plus
How To Make App Folder In iPhone 8 Plus

How To create App Folder In iPhone 8 Plus

For people who own an iPhone 8 Plus, a standard question asked – how do I create folders on the home screen. when you create folders on your smartphone, this permits you to organize apps and reduce the amount of apps on the home screen. you'll create folders in many different ways to organize completely different apps and widgets on the home screen. Below we’ll make a case for how to create folders for icons and widgets on the iPhone 8 Plus home screen.

The first and quickest way to create a new folder on the iPhone 8 Plus is to drag the chosen app over another app. do this same procedure with the apps that you just need to be in the same folder as each other. when the 2 apps are placed on top of each other, a folder name will appear below. Once this folder name appears, you can let go of the app and adjust the name of the folder that you simply} have just created. the following is an alternative technique for people who need to know how to create multiple folders on the iPhone 8 Plus.

How to create a new folder on iPhone 8 Plus home screen (Method 2):

  1. Turn on the iPhone 8 Plus
  2. Press and hold on an app on the home screen
  3. Move the app to the top of the screen and move it to the New Folder option
  4. Change the name of the New Folder to anything you would like
  5. Select Done on the keyboard
  6. Move other apps that you simply need to be a part of this folder.

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