How To Make A New iCloud Account on iPhone X

If you’d prefer to learn the way to make a new iCloud account on iPhone X, you’ve come to the correct place. Knowing how to do this becomes necessary and very important if you'll prefer to backup your files to the cloud. Also, by creating a new Apple ID details, it provides you the chance to sync your all of your data through iCloud and enable the native messaging options through multiple Apple devices. I’ll justify below how you to make an iCloud account on iPhone X.

Creating Apple ID On iPhone X

  1. Power on your Apple iPhone X
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on iCloud
  4. Click on create a new Apple ID
  5. Type in your birthday
  6. Select Next
  7. Provide your full name
  8. Tap on Next
  9. Tap your email or make a new iCloud address
  10. Type in your email address
  11. Select a secure password
  12. Confirm your new password
  13. Choose a security question
  14. Tap on ‘Agree’ to the Terms and Conditions
  15. Click on Merge or Don’t Merge based on your sync preferences
  16. Click on ok to ensure find My iPhone service is switched on

When you are done following the information above, you'll understand how you can create Apple ID on iPhone X.