My iPhone X Won’t Turn ON

Some users of the iPhone X are complaining of the device not switching on. Even with a full charge or when connected to a charger, the iPhone X still won’t turn on. There are alternative ways that you simply will use to fix this issue on your iPhone X.

Hit the power button

Before you do any other technique, you must first try to check if the power button is still working. you can check this by hitting the power button for for a while. If you’re sure there’s nothing wrong with the power button, continue to browse this guide for more information.

Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

You can create use of the directions below to boot your iPhone X into Recovery Mode.

  1. Connect your device to a pc and begin iTunes
  2. Once your device is connected, force restart it: (Tap and hold the Sleep and home keys for a few seconds and don't release your hand when the apple logo appears, still hold till you see the recovery mode screen)
  3. Two choices can come up, you can choose to Restore or Update, click on Update. iTunes will attempt to reinstall iOS without deleting your data. wait for a couple of minutes for the software system download

Boot to Safe Mode

It’s necessary to means that once you activate the Safe Mode on your iPhone X, only preinstalled apps will load. This will help to identify if the problem is being caused by a 3rd party app that you simply have installed on your iPhone X. you can try this following the directions below.

  1. Tap and hold the power and home key till the screen turns black, then release your finger from the home key while still holding on to the power key
  2. As soon as the Apple logo shows up, press the volume key till the platform loads
  3. The tweaks will disappear in the Safe Mode choice to show that your device is in Safe Mode

Get Technical Support

If the problem persist after attempting the above ways on your iPhone X, i will recommend that you simply take your device back to a store where it can be checked for physical damage. If found faulty, they'll try and replace it for you, if it can’t be repaired, they'll offer you a brand new one.