iPhone SE 2 release date, latest rumours, UK price, features & specs

iPhone SE 2 release date, latest rumours, UK price, features & specs

If you like your iPhone to be on the smaller and cheaper facet, then you will be happy to listen to that rumours are pointing to a new iPhone SE (or at least a brand new, cheaper version of the iPhone) launching in 2018.

Want to know more? Well this is our iPhone SE 2 release date rumours article, in which we collect and analyse the clues, hints and proof pointing to the date when Apple will launch a follow-up to 2016's iPhone SE, as well as the iPhone SE 2's tech specs, design, new options and uk pricing - so you have in the to the correct place!

This page are going to be updated whenever new info emerges about the launch of an updated iPhone SE, so check back regularly for the newest iPhone SE 2 rumours. for buying recommendation related to the present range.

iPhone SE 2 release date

The original iPhone SE was announced in March 2016, but it did not get a big update in 2017. (It simply got a bump in storage to 32- and 128GB.) Instead, it's looking just like the iPhone SE can get an update in spring 2018, with March looking like the most likely date.

A FocusTaiwan report in August suggested that the new iPhone SE can launch within the first quarter of 2018. Sources claim this new iPhone are going to be factory-made in india by Wistron, the corporate that puts together the current iPhone SE.

The prediction was secured by a report by the Taiwanese research company TrendForce, that additionally believes the iPhone SE 2 is coming back in 2018 (although the firm is less confident, specifying only the first half), and being assembled by Wistron in india.

Will the iPhone SE be discontinued?

However, this is often all presumptuous the iPhone SE can get an update the least bit! China's Huaquang analysis analyst Pan Juitang has recommended that there will not be a brand new iPhone SE at all.

He wrote in July that Apple will not ever update the 4in handset. Juitang claimed that there's not enough demand for smaller devices as several shoppers choose larger displays for watching movies, enjoying games and browsing the net, which the vast majority are accustomed to 5in (or bigger!) displays.

Selective launches

Even if the SE is updated, it's going to not launch where you live. Some reports recommend that the new SE phone may not be available everyplace.

According to the Economic Daily, a Chinese-language website, Apple is functioning on a low-end iPhone codenamed Hangzhou. This low-end, lower-priced model can apparently be launched in a trial to "seize the low-end market" in China and india.

That report suggests that this low-end model might launch within the second half of 2018.

Another report claims that the SE2 can launch in india before launching in different territories. This sounds dubious to us, though it would work with Apple's plans to supply a less expensive telephone to certain territories (normally Apple will this by giving an older version of the iPhone to certain countries).

iPhone SE 2 price

The iPhone SE is presently on the market in 32GB and 128GB versions. within the uk the 32GB model costs £379; the 128GB model costs £479. (For comparison, within the US the iPhone SE the phone costs $399 for the 32GB model and it's $449 for 129GB.)

We expect that the iPhone SE 2 are going to be similarly priced once it launches.

iPhone SE 2 style

While the iPhone SE appearance similar to the iPhone 5S, there is an expectation that the iPhone SE 2 can look a lot of just like the iPhone 8, although it's expected to have smaller dimensions.

One thing that's likely to change is that the color choices. The iPhone SE is currently available in Silver, Gold, space gray and Rose Gold choices. The iPhone SE 2 is probably going to be available in Silver, Gold, and space gray - just like the iPhone 8. The Rose Gold and Gold version have kind of merged within the iPhone 8 and it's probably that the new iPhone SE also will provide this new a lot of brassy Gold color choice instead of 2 gold choices.

iPhone SE 2 release date, latest rumours, UK price, features & specs

It may also feature a glass back - allowing for wireless charging, a feature introduced with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

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There are theories that the iPhone SE 2 might have an all screen style, just like the iPhone X. However, while this is something that might seem in the future, we expect it'll be some time before the home-button-free style makes its means all the way down to the entry-level iPhone.

That hasn't stopped one illustrator imagining what it could look like. in the YouTube video below you'll see what the iPhone SE2 may appear as if if Apple was to convey it associate degree iPhone X-like plan.

Here's a plan of what we might expect from idea Creator.

iPhone SE 2 dimensions

Currently the iPhone SE has a 4in screen (that's 4 inches measured diagonally). The telephone itself measures 123.8mm by 58.6mm and it's 7.6mm thick. It weighs 113 grams.

The new iPhone SE dimensions might slim down further. for example, the phone can be as skinny because the iPhone 8 at 7.3mm. If Apple was to ditch the iPhone 5S-esk style for the iPhone SE, in favour of mimicking the iPhone 8 style, this might be possible.

The new iPhone SE could even mimic the iPhone X design, as the YouTube video above suggests. If it was to include a bezel-free display like the iPhone X, the handset itself could be a lot smaller.

We might eventually see an iPhone SE that has similar dimensions to the iPhone 3G, that was 115.5mm tall. However, we do not expect to check a model like that till the time of year of 2018, or maybe later.

It's also possible that the new iPhone SE - or entry-level iPhone - will not be a smaller telephone the least bit. according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is working on a low-cost version of the iPhone that may feature an LCD-TFT screen, fewer pixels, and can value between $649 and $749. This iPhone screen can measure 6.1in diagonally so the new telephone can be even larger than the iPhone 8 is.

iPhone SE 2 screen

As per KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo's theory, Apple might introduce a 6.1in LCD-TFT screen on its new low-priced iPhone, while the other iPhones can feature OLED screens just like the iPhone X will currently. Shown below.

iPhone SE 2 release date, latest rumours, UK price, features & specs

There has additionally been a suggestion that the iPhone SE might have a 4.2in screen instead of the present 4in. The extra .2in being created possible by reducing the size of the bezels. although unlike the iPhone X, which has a screen that stretches to the base of the phone - and so no Home Button (read about the iPhone X here) - the home Button is expected to stay on the iPhone SE 2.

iPhone SE 2 specs

According to a Tekz24 report (on which the FocusTiawan report mentioned above was based), the new iPhone SE 2 can provide an A10 Fusion chip (as seen within the iPhone 7). It presently offers an A9 chip, as used in the iPhone 6S.

In addition we could see a 7MP FaceTime camera with retina Flash replace the 5MP FaceTime camera within the current model.

Other than that, it's likely to keep many of the options of the present iPhone SE, such as:

  • 12MP camera: the present SE offers 12-megapixels with an ƒ/2.2 aperture.The iPhone 8 has an ƒ/1.8 aperture.
  • No bump: One key difference between the iPhone SE and 8 is that the lack of camera bump on the larger model. Hopefully the new iPhone SE camera on the back of the iPhone also will be flat.
  • 2GB RAM: The iPhone SE already offers 2GB RAM and it's unlikely that we'd see any more than that.
  • 32GB or 128GB storage choices.

The battery also will have a slightly raised rating from 1640mAh to 1700mAh.