Pixel 2 Dropped In Water

Pixel 2 Dropped In Water

Dropping your Google pixel 2 into water is maybe the worst nightmare you can think about when it comes to the destruction of your smartphone. That and it falling from a very high platform would be heartbreaking to anyone with a high-end smartphone phone just like the Google pixel 2. fortunately, there are ways in which you can salvage your phone and that is what we are going to tackle during this article. so make sure to religiously follow the directions provide so you won’t have to buy a brand new phone.

Power Down

One of the immediate things that you simply will do after you suddenly drop your Google pixel 2 in the water is to quickly remove the battery. this will help it from short circuiting the very important components of your phone.

Remove Water

When your Google pixel 2 becomes drenched, you must remove as much water as possible to protect the integrity of your smartphone. you'll do that by strongly shaking the device or by tilting it or blowing on the damped parts to dry the water as soon as possible.

Open Your Water damaged pixel 2

Once you get your phone wet, immediately open the case of the phone and let some air into the case to help it evaporate the water that has seeped inside. check out iFixit.com to find directions for opening your Google pixel 2.

Dry It

Drying your Google pixel 2 is that the smartest thing that you simply will do when water exposure. There are a few of tips and tricks that you simply can try at home but the most effective and best one would be to just let it air dry on top of a table or counter or somewhere that's dry and has very good air flow. If that doesn’t give you the comfort that you need in drying your phone, then here are a couple of the way to do so to put your mind at ease.

  • Open Air. The open air drying technique is that the very best way you can dry your smartphone. We’re placing it here once more to inform you that you that leaving your phone to dry is surprisingly
  • You can also use some Instant couscous or instant rice to absorb the water that has leaked into your phone. These 2 materials are nice at absorbing water so they’ll most likely be able to dry your phone. Instant oats is an alternative too but it’s just too messy afterwards that it's not worth the trouble
  • Silica Gel. the best common drying agent is silica gel. It can be found in the pet aisle of your grocery store as “crystal” style cat litter

Check to see if Water damaged Fix Has Worked

When your smartphone has dried out, try turning it on once more to see if it's still function like usual. or you can connect it to a computer or macintosh to see if it can still transmit files and data. Also, check to see whether it'll still charge.

If your Google pixel 2 is broken beyond repair, you may still be able to get some money for it. simply be sure to remove your sim card and memory card when you finally sell your phone.

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