Screen Stuck On Verifying Update In iPhone X

we are going to show you ways to resolve the screen stuck on verifying problem on your iPhone X. Apple’s iPhone X are filled with nice accessibility and connectivity features. of these features should be kept up to date to make sure the latest and best versions of those features. change your iOS software system is completed by enabling the over-the-air technique, from the general settings of your phone, or by checking your iPhone in on your iTunes software system. but users have reported  issues during the update, where the update stalls or freezes mid-way through, leaving some users to questions whether the update is still underway or have crashed and require rebooting. it may be stuck on the Apple logo. Therefore, we are going to give solutions for screen stuck on verifying while updating iOS on your iPhone X below in step-by-step directions.

fixing the iPhone X is stuck while verifying the latest software system update

  1. Press and hold the “Home” button at the same time with the “Sleep/Wake” button
  2. Do not release these buttons before the screen turns off
  3. Once the phone reboots and shows the Apple logo, you'll now let go of the buttons
  4. Wait for your phone to return to the main screen

Once the device has done rebooting, you will proceed to Settings, then access General, and choose about. you'll check which iOS version your iPhone X is running, and if it's the right version then you’re good to go. If not, you'll repeat the method of updating your phone. These simple to follow steps are applicable if your iOS update on your iPhone X is frozen or if the progress bar haven’t been moving for some time.