Server Does Not Allow Relaying On iPhone X

Server Does Not Allow Relaying On iPhone X

Some users of the iPhone X who frequently use emails sometimes receive the message error that says, “Server does not allow relaying”. If you’re having a hard time fixing this error, check out the guide below to solve when you message is not relying on your iPhone X.

Once the “Server does not permit relaying” message shows up, it simply means your email can not be sent. when you received this, a follow up message saying that “A copy has been replaced in your outbox. The recipient [email address] was rejected by the server as a result of it doesn't allow relaying.”

Check out the guide we created to help you solve the error of not relaying your message due to the server doesn’t allow it on your Apple iPhone X. .

AOL Email Users

One reason why this error shows up is once you have an issue with the Follow the guide below to help solve the matter.

Unlock your iPhone X. From the menu, click on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Then, select your account and log in > SMTP from the Account information Page > and click on the MTP from the SMPT Page. you have to make sure that the server is switched ON and also the host name should be exactly “”. Also, you need to check if your username and password on the AOL account is correct and is added to the outgoing mail server. Lastly, make sure once more the authentication has been set to password and the server port should be 587.

AOL Email Users option 2

  1. Switch off the AOL “primary server”
  2. Then add another SMTP server using “”, your aol username and password.
  3. Set up automatically as “On” under the “Other SMTP servers”.

It is important to make sure that the primary server should be turned off and the other SMTP server is turned ON.

Other Email Users

All other email users besides AOL should follow these steps:

  1. Unlock your iPhone X.
  2. From the menu, click on Settings > Account info > SMPT
  3. Turn off primary server and turn on other SMTP server like AT&T

Method 4

Delete or remove your email account and add it to try once more.

Method 5

Unlock your iPhone X. From the menu, click on Settings >  Your  Account  > Outgoing mail Server SMTP > Primary Server. start the first server and fill up with your username and password under Outgoing Mail Server.