Switch OFF and ON Autocorrect on Apple iPhone X

People who have the new iPhone X may want to know how to activate the autocorrect feature on their smartphone. The work of the autocorrect feature on the iPhone X is to own a tool that makes it easier to repair errors while your typing on your device. the autocorrect feature mechanically correct mistyped words on your keyboard. However, this feature can sometimes become annoying once it starts correcting words that are correct. i'll justify below how you'll be able to activate and deactivate (if you're not a follower of it) the autocorrect feature on your iPhone X.

Since not each user of the iPhone X likes the autocorrect feature, i'll take time to clarify below how you'll be able to switch it off. There are 2 options that you simply can choose from you can either switch off the autocorrect feature to not work once writing words that are correct otherwise you can permanently deactivate it. The guide below will make you understand how to switch on and off the autocorrect feature.

Switch OFF and ON Autocorrect on Apple iPhone X

  1. Power on your iPhone X
  2. Click on the Settings app
  3. Select General
  4. Locate Keyboard and click on that.
  5. Move the slider beside the “Auto-Correction” to OFF

If you later would like to switch on the autocorrect feature, all you would like to do is to follow the steps above and move the slider back to ON and the autocorrect feature will begin working once more on your iPhone X.

Let me purpose it out that the steps to activate/deactivated the autocorrect feature may differ if you're not using the default keyboard that comes with your iPhone X.