Turn OFF Camera Sound on iPhone X

Turn OFF Camera Sound on iPhone X

Turn OFF Camera Sound on iPhone X

Another mouth-opening feature of the Apple iPhone X is its wonderful new camera with high megapixel quality. a common question asked concerning the iPhone X is how to turn off camera sound on iPhone X when it shutters. This camera shutter sound is annoying to some people and also the clicking sound can even draw unwanted attention once taking a selfie.

For those in the united states, turning off the camera sound is against the law, because the law states that cell phones containing digital cameras must make a sound once taking an image. the following may be a guide on how to turn off the camera sound on the iPhone X and also just turn down camera sound on the iPhone X.

Plugging headphones in won’t work

In most cases after you plug headphones in, all sounds from the device will play through the headphones instead of from the smartphone. however with the iPhone X this will not work, because the smartphone separates media audio from notification sounds, so the sound will still play from the speakers as normal.

Using a third party camera app

An alternative technique to camera sound turn off on Apple iPhone X  is by using a third party camera app. the reason for this can be because the stock iOS camera app plays a shutter sound when you take a picture, but not all camera apps do this. you'll be able to search for completely different apps on the Apple App Store and test the camera apps to see which app doesn’t make a camera noise on your iPhone X.

How to mute or turn down the volume of your iPhone X

The third technique methodology {to turn|to show} off the camera sound on the iPhone X is to mute or turn down the volume on the smartphone. The method you can do this is by pressing the “volume down” button on the side of iPhone X till the phone goes into vibrate mode. once the volume sound is on mute on the iPhone X, the camera shutter sound won't be heard when you go to take a picture.