Turn Off iPhone X Clicking Sound

Turn Off iPhone X Ticking Sound

In this article, we are going to show you ways to turn off iPhone X Ticking Sounds. Apple’s 2016 flagship phone, iPhone X, is composed of a easy and very customizable user interface. The new iPhone interface includes sounds made once the user interacts with the screen, like various ticking sounds that play once browsing applications, typing on the on-screen keyboard for text messages, or once unlocking the screen. of these and a few alternative sounds made by your smartphone are all disabled out of the box, and some users might find them less useful or annoying. So, if for a few reason, you would like to disable any of those sounds on your iPhone X, we are going to show you below in very simple to follow, step-by-step directions. Continue reading below to find out how.

Disabling Ticking Sounds on iPhone X

  1. Switch your Apple iPhone X device ON
  2. Proceed to your phone’s settings
  3. Choose Sounds from the menu
  4. Find and set the Keyboard Clicks toggle option to OFF

Turning Off Your iPhone X Screen Lock and Unlock Sound ON

  1. Power on your Apple iPhone X
  2. Proceed to the Settings app
  3. Choose the Sounds option
  4. Find and modify the Lock Sounds by tapping to toggle OFF

By following the simple to follow step-by-step directions provided above, you'll now turn off all different ticking sounds on your iPhone X.