How To Turn OFF WiFi Assist On iPhone X

How To turn off WiFi Assist On iPhone X

Learning the way to turn off or disable the WiFi Assist on the iPhone X is important. This feature allows the iPhone X users to switch their net connection to WiFi to the smartphone’s data connection once the WiFi signal is weak or has no connection at all.

What’s annoying with this feature that’s driving the iPhone X users is once the WiFi signal is strong but the phone won’t still get connected to it, and automatically connect to the data connection. the explanation behind this is often due to the WiFi assist feature of the iPhone X which activates the data connection, like LTE, in the iOS settings.

Solve the wifi issue on iPhone X

Turning off the WiFi Assist on the iPhone X will be done through this method Click on Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. click on Manage Storage > Documents and data. Then slide unwanted things to the left and click Delete. Finally click Edit > Delete All to get rid of all the app’s data.

How to disable WiFi Assist on iPhone X

  1. Switch on your Apple iPhone X smartphone.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Select Cellular.
  4. Browse till you find WiFi-Assist.
  5. Change the toggle to OFF, so you keep connected to wifi even when the wireless connection of your Apple iPhone X is the most powerful

After doing this method to switch off the WiFi assist, the matter is solved  for the automatic switching between the WiFi and the mobile data connection.

If the iPhone X still automatically switch the connection from the WiFi to mobile data once doing the method above, another answer is to run a “wipe cache partition’. this is often another way to resolve the wifi assist issue. By doing this, the additional datas that are not required will be deleted without having the worries that it might delete all the necessary files, photos, videos and messages. This technique is safe and it can be done over the iOS recovery mode, here’s how you'll be able to wipe cache partition, how to clear iPhone X cache.