Using iPhone 8 Secret Mode - incognito

iPhone 8 Secret Mode - incognito Mode

Owners of the new iPhone 8 that are fond of using internet browsers on their device to use internet may be curious about knowing how they can make sure Google does not track their online activities. a good technique that you simply can use is to activate the Secret Mode - incognito Mode on feature on your Google Chrome. the secret Mode feature will make sure that all your searches and login details aren't stored after you are done using the net.

The Secret Mode - incognito Mode feature on the iPhone 8 can simply be known as a kill switch that doesn't remember something you clicked on while browsing. the only thing that the Secret Mode - incognito Mode doesn't delete is your cookies stored while browsing.

How to activate the secret Mode on your iPhone 8 :

  1. Switch on your iPhone 8
  2. Locate the Google Chrome browser.
  3. You will see a three dot icon placed at the top right corner
  4. Click on the “ New incognito window ” and a new black screen will appear to notify you that the browser won't remember something. There are different browsers that you simply can download from your Apple Play Store that has the same feature. i'll recommend that you simply attempt your hands on Dolphin Zero.The Dolphin Zero works well just like the Google Chrome Browser