How To Change Font Style And Font Size On OnePlus 5

There is a feature that comes with the new OnePlus 5 that enables you to change the font size and style. This feature is named the TouchWiz feature. the guidelines below can help you understand how you'll be able to alter the font size and style on OnePlus 5.

You are additionally allowed to download additional fonts from online to provide OnePlus 5 a a lot of unique look. The steps on here can teach you to change the font on OnePlus 5.

Move From the home Screen in the Following android menu

From Menu, move to Settings then look for display and click on it then click on Font. At this page, you will be provided with fonts like:
  • Chocolate Cooky
  • Cool Jazz
  • Rosemary
  • OnePlus Sans
  • Download Fonts

You can additionally preview a font before choosing it and if you do not like all of the fonts available, you'll be able to download a lot of fonts from Google Play Store. All you would like to do is launch your Google Play Store then search “Download fonts” in the search bar and you will see extra fonts that you simply can download on your OnePlus 5.