Display Timeout OnePlus 5

Display Timeout OnePlus 5
Display Timeout OnePlus 5

Most people have had an expertise where watching something on our device once the screen times out. sometimes this happens at the worst moment, like the punchline of a gif. If you feel like you need your screen timeout time to be longer, we are able to help. To enable the “Stay Awake” feature you’ll need to activate the Developer choices. This might sound daunting but really it’s no massive deal. check out the directions below to find out how.

Keeping screen time longer on your OnePlus 5

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Go to your settings
  3. Select “Device Information”
  4. Look for “build number”
  5. Tap on it 4-5 times
  6. You’ll get a dialogue telling you to tap one or two more times for developer mode
  7. You know have developer options activated

Under the Developer options settings, you’ll see an option for stay awake. Check the box to activate and now your phone won’t go to sleep.

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