Essential PH1 Remove Bloatware

Essential PH1 Remove Bloatware

Essential PH1 people may think about removing the bloatware on their smartphone. Bloatware consists of pre-installed apps that ship with the phone. other users might want to get rid of and disable bloatware for extra storage to install different apps.

It’s simple to remove the bloatware as well as any of Google apps like Gmail, Google+, Play Store et al. also you'll be able to delete bloatware like Essential apps S Health, S Voice et al.

You can be delete and uninstall some Essential PH1 bloatware apps. but some can’t. If you can’t remove an app, attempt disabling it. Disabling an app means that it’s program is still stored on the device but it won’t appear with your other apps. If you enable it once more, updates may be required. There’s no direct method around this but luckily they don’t take up much space on the device.

How to remove Bloatware Apps:

  1. Turn on the Essential PH1
  2. Go to your Settings
  3. Select Applications
  4. Find an app you don’t need and tap on it
  5. Select either Uninstall or Disable
  6. Disabling apps removes them from the apps menu but they still take up some space in storage. Some makers and carriers design their device this way.

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