How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered on Network and Repair Null IMEI Number

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Not Registered on Network and Repair Null IMEI Number

Not registered on network may be a common message for Samsung Galaxy people once an IMEI number has been changed or the IMEI number is null. For people who see the message saying “Not registered on network” and got disturbed that something was wrong with their Samsung Galaxy, we’ve have a guide which will help fix and repair a null IMEI number and make the “Not registered on Network” message get away. it should also be a good idea to use a free IMEI checker, to make sure there's nothing seriously wrong with the Galaxy.

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The following are strategies on how to terminate null IMEI # on all android devices, which will also repair the unknown baseband

How to Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # and Fix Not Registered on Network :

  1. Turn on the Samsung Galaxy smartphone
  2. Go to the “Dialer” and write (*#06#) to show the phone’s  IMEI number. If the message “IMEi Null”
  3. Type  (*#197328640#) or (*#*#197328640#*#*) on the dial key
  4. shows up, then the settings need to be reconfigured to repair the no signal or not register on network drawback
  5. The Galaxy will now go into Command mode, and choose on  “Common”
  6. Now choose “Option 1” (Field test Mode), if FTM is on, turn it “OFF”
  7. This will alter and restore the nulled IMEI number and it’s necessary to press the “Menu” key button before leaving the “Command” screen for this to go into effect.
  8. Select Key input and enter option 2.
  9. This will turn the FTM “OFF”
  10. Remove the battery and SIM card for two minutes
  11. Without putting the SIM card back, put the battery in the the Samsung Galaxy
  12. Type in (*#197328640#) on the dial pad
  13. Select the debug Screen
  14. Select phone control
  15. Click on nas control
  16. Click  RRC (HSDPA)
  17. To fix not registered on network or Null IMEI # , click RRC revision
  18. Now, click on the released your phone is , here we are going to select option 5 (HSDPA only)
  19. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy and reinsert the SIM card