Home Button Not Working On Essential PH1

Home Button Not Working On Essential PH1

There are a few of problems that smartphone users need to content with in the course of using their devices and Essential PH1 users might have experienced  these issues in sort of an unresponsive home button. The Essential PH1 has touch buttons which sometimes light up every time you click on them. to indicate that your Essential PH1 is powered on and functioning, the buttons will light up.

As a check when most people power on their Essential PH1 and notice that the home button doesn't light up, they conclude that it's not working but you would like to know there's a way to tirelessly fix the home button once it stops working.

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It’s most likely that your touch key lights are not faulty, but turned off via some setting. The built-in Energy Saver Mode might have turned off touch key lights to avoid wasting battery. you'll be able to turn back on a touch key using the steps outlined below.

How to Repair touch Key Issues:

  1. Make sure you turn on your Essential PH1 then open your Menu
  2. From the menu, move to Settings and choose quick Settings
  3. Now click Power Saving
  4. On the page that comes on next, choose on restrict Performance
  5. Unmark the box with the option of turn off touch Key light