How to Add Favorite Contacts On Essential PH1

How to Add Favorite Contacts On Essential PH1

If you have own an essential PH1 smartphone, you should be ready to go through all the settings and learn to enable and disable the options whenever you have got to use them. you would possibly also need to add favorite contacts on your PH1 smartphone. By creating a list of your favorite contacts, you'll be ready to access the contact’s info a lot of faster without having to go through the entire contact list.

On your Essential PH1 smartphone, you'll notice that you simply} can still quickly access a contact by just scrolling to the letters on the side of your contact list. however this is still a longer route compared to adding to the contact list.

For Essential PH1 users who are using their smartphone for some time now, you will have marked a couple of contacts that always appear at the top of your contact list every time you open the phone app. the great news is that you simply can add a good number of people on your favorites list so as to get fast access to their details on your Essential PH1.

How to Add Favorites Contacts on Essential PH1

  1. To add favorite contacts, you must 1st turn on your Essential PH1 smartphone
  2. Go to the phone app and choose on Contacts
  3. In the contacts section, select the contact you'd prefer to add to the favorite contact list
  4. Tap on the star shape in the red circle to finish adding contacts to the favorite list

You can also go into the contact directly and click the star icon to add it to your favorites. click on the star will automatically add this specific contact to your favorite list.

The contact list is arranged alphabetically. You can’t organize them based on priority, so avoid making the list too long. Removing a person from the favorite contacts list is just as simple as adding them. All you have got to do is choose that contact and uncheck the star. you'll be able to also simply delete the contact directly from the list of favorite contacts.