How To Change Essential PH1 Lock Screen

How To Change Essential PH1 Lock Screen

If you own an essential PH1 smartphone, you'll have an interest in learning how to customize your device by setting up some personalized settings like the lock screen and wallpaper among others. you'll be able to also make your Essential V2o a little more helpful by adding a different set of widgets and icons to your Essential V2 lock screen. this can be also crucial because you discover that the lock screen is the immediate component that you simply come across as soon as your power on the device.

From your device settings menu, identify the Lock screen option and once you choose it, you will have access to an assortment of options which might be added to your Essential PH1 home lock screen. Below is a list of some of the widgets that are contained or can be added on the lock screen.

  • Dual clock – this is a clock which displays home as well as current time zones
  • Clock size – This widget makes it a lot of easier to see the time
  • Show Date widget – This has a primary function of displaying the specific dates
  • Camera shortcut – This specific widget offers you direct entry into the camera mode
  • Owner info – this is a widget that social media fanatics will find impressive because it permits you to add your twitter handle and the other information on your Essential PH1 lock screen
  • The Unlock impact – If you would like to change the overall look of your Essential PH1 smartphone, then this can be the widget that you simply need to access
  • Additional info – choose to add any additional notes or info

How to change Essential PH1 Lock Screen Wallpaper

If you previously owned  an essential V3, the method is very similar. begin by pressing on any empty area on your home screen to bring up the edit mode. The edit mode will then enable you to remove or add widgets, change the wallpaper among other activities. Proceed by tapping on Wallpaper then select Lock Screen.

You have many pre-installed choices for lock screen wallpapers. you'll be able to customize your device with a unique self-selected wallpaper image. this should make it possible for you to pick from the gallery to use as wallpapers. select on Set Wallpaper to complete the operation.