How To Change Fonts In Essential PH1

How To Change Fonts In Essential PH1

Your Essential PH1 smartphone has many new options that you are yet to use. Having gone through it in depth, we tend to realized that several people who own the Essential PH1 smartphone are having trouble changing some settings and also the fonts especially. unlike most outdated smartphone devices that came with default fonts, the Essential PH1 has many sorts of fonts and it permits you to change to any specific font that impresses you. during this guide, you will find out how to navigate through the Essential PH1 settings and select the font that you just prefer to use for your Essential PH1.

Custom fonts also are available for people who would really like to download these sorts of fonts from the online. using custom downloadable fonts helps to make your Essential PH1 more unique and private. Keenly follow the steps below to find out how to change your Essential PH1 fonts.

Change Font Size on Essential PH1:

  1. Ensure your Essential PH1 is powered on then proceed to step 2.
  2. Go to your Essential V2 menu and access the Settings
  3. From the Settings, select on display
  4. Select the Font you'd prefer to have from the choices provided

Font Types In Essential PH1 :

The following are the font sorts you're likely to come across once you choose to change your font on the Essential PH1 smartphone

  • Cool Jazz
  • Chocolate Cooky
  • Essential Sans
  • Rosemary
  • Download Fonts

Preview your font size and style once you've got chosen the font you'd like from the top of your screen. There are some who have finer style for things and may find the default fonts not appealing, during this case, Essential PH1 offers you the choice to download fonts from the net and use them on Essential PH1. Head to Google Play Store and search download Fonts. you will also have the choice to review some additional download options as provided.