How to Customize Lock Screen on Pixel 2

How to Customize Lock Screen on Pixel 2

The Google pixel 2 lock screen is totally customizable. you'll be able to make use of widgets to feature functionality to your phone. Add or remove them as you would like to change the looks of your lock screen.

In this article, we’ll show you some helpful widgets that you simply will use, together with weather, that shows current conditions in your town. This feature comes with the pixel 2 out of the box, but you'll be able to change which weather app you use, or disable it entirely.

Use this guide to turn your weather widget on or off, and also the same principles may be used to toggle alternative widgets as well.

How to customize Lock Screen on pixel 2

  1. Power up your device
  2. Go to your pixel 2 Home screen, then to your Apps page
  3. Select Settings
  4. Tap Lock Screen
  5. Select the Lock Screen option
  6. Check or uncheck the toggle box for Weather to ON or OFF to enable or disable this feature
  7. Tap the home button to come back to standby mode
  8. Repeat this method for alternative widgets you’d prefer to enable or disable

With the weather widget enabled, info about temperature and current conditions in your area will show on the lock screen along with the time and the other widgets you’ve enabled.