How To Enable Developer Mode Essential PH-1

How To Enable Developer Mode Essential PH-1
How To Enable Developer Mode Essential PH-1

Essential’s latest phone, the Essential PH-1, has brought with it various completely different settings that Google keeps hidden from users by default. However, by accessing what’s called “Developer mode” on Essential PH-1, you'll be able to get a hold over these hidden options. Developer Mode allows you to have total management of your device, including advanced settings or more advanced functions.

Regardless if you're looking at being a developer yourself, or simply} just need to explore some advanced options, you will have to begin with unlocking developer mode. we strongly suggest that you just look into the steps mentioned below to see for yourself, that it only takes at least 5-6 very simple steps on the screen to do this, and prove to yourself it's a walk in the park, as well as to learn about the complete steps along with a visual description of said steps.

How to Activate Developer Mode on Essential PH-1

First off, open your settings menu. You’ll then need to access “About device.” Then look for  “build number” near the bottom. (Tap 5-10 times in rapid succession.) you will then be presented with the activations or prompts, on which you'd need to make 4 really fast taps on and you will be good to go.

When you go back to the main settings you will see a new menu on top of the “About device” that says Developer Menu. tapping on that new menu will provide access to the developer menu hidden in the past. after you select to enable the Developer menu, you will then have access to several completely different settings aimed directly for the advanced user. the major reason why you may want to unlock the Developer menu on your Essential PH-1 device is to gain access to settings or options that basic users don't have access to. simply put you'd be able to do things as an expert user on your device, that basic users can not. when you explore on the developer selections you will see some animation scale choices, all of which is set at 1x. Lowering these to 0.5x will improve your device’s speed and performance in general.

Will Developer Mode Break My Phone ?

Developer mode sounds complicated and perhaps even dangerous, but really it simply opens up some new choices on your device. There are some high-security apps that might give you a warning about using them in developer mode, but if you haven’t hacked your device too much, this won’t be a problem. There are ways you'll be able to reduce the overall security on your phone by doing things in developer mode, but these are very high-level techniques. simply turning Developer Mode on doesn’t expose you to security flaws without any other actions on your part. As long as you don’t go poking around into choices you don’t understand, turning on Developer Mode won’t be at all disadvantageous.

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