How To Fix OnePlus 5 Black Screen Problem

How To Fix OnePlus 5 Black Screen Problem

Some people of the OnePlus 5 have complained of seeing a black screen anytime they switch on their OnePlus 5. This issue doesn't affect the buttons because they will light up as normal but the screen won’t show anything. Some users expertise this issue at random times. There are totally different ways that you simply will use to solve the OnePlus 5 black screen issue, make use of the following directions to find out how you'll be able to fix the black screen issue on your OnePlus 5.

Boot to Recovery Mode and Wipe Cache Partition

  1. This procedure is done from the power off condition
  2. You will first need to touch and hold these buttons together: Home, Increase Volume + Power
  3. Hold till the phone begins to boot
  4. You can now use the volume buttons to choose “wipe cache partition” and use the power key to confirm your selection
  5. As soon as the cache method is completed, your OnePlus 5 will reboot automatically

Make use of this guide to know the way to clear cache on the OnePlus 5

Factory Reset OnePlus 5

If the problem persists after attempting the above suggestion to resolve the black screen issue, i will be able to advise that you simply reset your OnePlus 5 to factory settings. make use of this guide how to factory reset the OnePlus 5. you should make sure that you simply perform a backup of your necessary files on your OnePlus 5 before you begin this method to prevent losing necessary files.

Contact Technical Support

If the black screen issue persists after you have tried all the above ways, i will be able to recommend that you just take your OnePlus 5 to a store where it can be physically checked for damage. If the OnePlus 5 is found faulty by a technician, they will try to repair it for you or they can get you a new OnePlus 5.

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