How To Increase Vibrations On Pixel 2

How To Increase Vibrations On Pixel 2

When you finally have your hands on an Google pixel 2, one thing that's necessary for the complete usage of the phone is to find out ways in which to adjust the vibration intensity on your device. These steps are designed to handle things on how to change the vibration level of the pixel 2.

When you have the power to change vibrations on the pixel 2 , you also have the ability to adjust the vibration intensity of the keyboard or notifications. Below may be a guide increasing or decreasing vibration levels on the Google pixel 2.

How To change Vibrations On pixel 2

  1. Power up your device
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Find “Sound & Notifications”
  4. Tap on “Vibrations” then choose “Vibration intensity”

From here you’re ready to customise a variety of choices for the pixel 2 vibrations.

Armed with the knowledge we’ve included here, you'll be able to now feel confident in adjusting the vibration intensity of your notifications.