How To Put OnePlus 5 In Silent Mode

How To Put OnePlus 5 In Silent Mode

People of OnePlus 5 might prefer to know how to activate the silent mode on their device. It’s possible that you simply have been looking for the Silent Mode not knowing it has been changed to  Priority Mode on android software system.

Although “Priority Mode” is a bit technical compared to the “Silent Mode” on OnePlus 5, but as soon as you know it, you will find it very effective. this is because Priority Mode is more versatile, flexible and has more options than the Silent Mode. With Priority Mode, you'll be able to select apps and contacts that you simply don't need to disturb you. The guide below will make you understand how you'll be able to make use of the Priority Mode (Silent Mode) on OnePlus 5.

Setting up Priority Mode

To set up priority mode, you may need to click on the volume key on your OnePlus 5, and you will then click on Priority from the window that comes up on your screen. different choices will appear under Priority Mode which you'll be able to alter for different period of time. you'll be able to make use of the plus and minus icon to configure how long you would like the priority mode to last. As soon as you activate Priority Mode, a star icon will appear on your notification bar to notify you that the Mode has been activated and only apps selected will be ready to notify you. Although, you will receive other calls, alerts and notifications, but your device won’t make any sound when you receive them till the Priority Mode is disabled.

Controlling Your Apps

You are also allowed to monitor individual apps in the Priority Mode. you will need to move to the Sound and notification screen and click on App notifications. Then you'll be able to now click on any app’s toggle to include on Priority Mode. the most advantage of the Priority Mode is that it'll block any app or call till you feel like you want to hear from them.

Changing Priority Mode options

In addition, you'll be able to customise the Priority Mode in multiple ways by using the icon that appears on the notification bar when you enable Priority mode. you'll be able to customise choices like events, reminders, calls and messages by simply switching the toggle form ON/OFF vice versa. you can also select the contacts that you simply need to be able to reach you in priory Mode. other choices include setting the days, start time and end time for Priority Mode to work automatically on your OnePlus 5. This makes sure that you simply don't need to manually enable or disable Priority Mode on your OnePlus 5.