How To Save A Picture On Pixel 2

How To Save A Picture On Pixel 2

When your friend sent you a message on your pixel 2 with a funny photo or a very important image on it? in fact, it’s human nature for us to keep those memorable photos at our disposal but the question is, do you know how to do it? fortunately, the strategy of saving a picture that you’ve received by text is a simple peasy task and won’t take lots of brain cells to accomplish. during this article, we’ll be teaching you the way to do it.

Though third-party apps like Kik and WhatsApp automatically store sent pics by default, Google’s Messages app does things differently when dealing with pics sent through the app.

Saving a photo from an MMS or a text message will redirect it to your gallery. once saving the image on your smartphone, you'll be able to do whatever you would like to do with it. Share it on social media, attach it to an email or use it as your new wallpaper. yet before doing any of that, you want to learn first how to save it on your pixel 2.

Saving a photo from a Text Message

  1. First you’ll need to notice the message that contains the image you would like
  2. Scroll to the photo itself and choose it to bring it up in full screen
  3. Tap the save icon
  4. Tap Save to copy the picture to your Gallery in the download folder

Saving Multiple Photos from Text Messages

To save time and energy in saving each picture manually, an excellent way to at the same time save the pictures from the text message is by doing the steps below. It’ll save time and will modify you to sure save it all at once.

  1. Find the message thread with the photos you would like
  2. Scroll to one photo out of the batch
  3. Long press the picture
  4. Select Save Attachment
  5. You’ll get a dialogue from which you'll be able to choose which of the pictures in that message thread you’ll be saving
  6. This will store a folder in your gallery with the chosen photos
  7. Give the folder a name you’ll keep in mind

Once you've got stored all of the images, you'll be able to now share it on social media, attach it to an email or use it as your new background image!