How To Turn On Battery Percentage On iPhone X

How To Turn On Battery Percentage On iPhone X

iPhone X users check their batteries from time to time. Gadgets these days suffer from a weak battery life even the iPhone X which is included in one of the simplest smartphones of 2016. Keeping an eye on your battery usage is very necessary especially once you’re traveling for a long period of time and you don’t have your charger, saving some for emergency calls is important.

Surfing your favorite social media sites, enjoying games, or texting all day can really drain the battery. Turning on percentage battery indicator can help you manage battery life. this will not only show the battery level but also the exact percentage left so you'll be able to control how much time is left on your phone. read more of this article to show battery percentage of iPhone X.

How to turn on battery charger on iPhone X :

  1. Switch iPhone X on
  2. Choose Settings on the iPhone menu
  3. Select General
  4. Tap on Usage
  5. Turn the Battery percentage on

The steps above will instantly show battery percentage of iPhone X. Update to the newest iOS version to get the numerical percentage of the iPhone X battery life.