How To Turn ON Smart Stay Feature Essential PH-1

How To Turn ON Smart Stay Feature Essential PH-1

Essential PH-1 has new highlights and some have called it the simplest mobile phone of 2016. One component that many don’t think about is the smart stay highlight on the Essential PH-1. The way smart stay works is that once it’s enacted it’ll light up the show while you take a gander.

The Essential PH-1 eye image show up at constant intervals and after that vanishes once more. this means the eye symbol is activated and appears in the status bar, it means that your Essential PH-1 is verifying whether you’re looking at the screen. This uses the front-facing camera on the Essential PH-1 and checks if you're still looking at the screen.

How to Activate smart stay on Essential PH-1:

Here are some tips and guides on the way to activate/turn on your smart stay on your Essential PH-1 status bar.

  1. Switch on your Essential PH-1 mobile
  2. Select on Menu
  3. Tap on Settings
  4. Tap on display
  5. Scroll for “Stay Smart” option and choose it
  6. You’ll now see the smart stay icon in your notification bar

This will allow you to activate and add the Essential PH-1 Eye symbol on the status bar of your mobile.