How To Use Fingerprint Sensor On LG G7

How To Use Fingerprint Sensor On LG G7

Since the introduction of biometrics in the smartphone technology, lots of LG G7 users are utilizing its Fingerprint sensor feature. With this feature, you're ready to use your LG G7 to enter apps or access online wallets like Paypal by verifying your fingerprint as the password.

In order to activate your LG G7’s Fingerprint sensor feature, go down to your LG G7’s Settings app > Screen lock type > Fingerprints. What comes next is that a set of directions shall appear on your screen that will help you turn on and set up your LG G7’s Fingerprint sensor feature. After that, you're able to revert to that setting then erase or record more fingerprints that your fingerprint sensor will register and verify in the future.

If you aren’t into the thought of utilizing this way of passing the lock code, then we are going to provide you with a reason to fall in love with it. the primary reason to use the Fingerprint scanner of your LG G7 is that you’re ready to unlock your phone using only one hand. you think that’s basic? Then hear this another reason out. With the Fingerprint scanner of your LG G7, you'll be able to optimize and sign in to your favorite websites and social media platforms, without the necessity of entering manually your passwords on it. Also, it allows the possibility of a friend predicting your typed-in password. If they need to open it, they’ll have to use your thumb at your will. Now, that we think is very impressive. If you would like to find out how to use the Fingerprint Scanner of your LG G7, proceed to the directions below.

Steps in setting up the Fingerprint sensor Feature of your LG G7

LG’s recently launched smartphone, LG G7, enables us, users, to keep our privacy intact with its enhanced Fingerprint sensor Feature. With it, you're able to unlock various applications, pass the login pages of the sites you’re browsing, and opening your LG G7 simply by an easy placement of your thumb on its scanner. It’s super efficient and the process of setting it up a no-brainer one. All you've got to do is do the following:

  1. Unlock your LG G7
  2. Proceed to the Lock screen and security choices that can be seen in the Settings app
  3. Hit on the Fingerprint choice then press Add fingerprint
  4. Precisely perform each step that will pop on your screen until the initiation sequence is finished
  5. Formulate a backup password
  6. Tap ok to turn on the Fingerprint Lock

Once done, you'll be able to now utilize the Fingerprint sensor Feature on your phone. Now, attempt locking down your LG G7. To unlock, place your thumb on the home button for a couple of seconds. when it registers, which means it’s working! All of your personal data is safe in the event that your LG G7 got stolen from you. but keep in mind, having a fingerprint registered on your phone doesn’t equate of you getting it back! so please, be aware of your surroundings.