No Text Alert Google Pixel 2

No Text Alert Google Pixel 2

Since the invention of SMS, it’s been the number a method of communicating with people throughout the globe. However, once the feature malfunctions, it creates a nuisance to its user. This issue is common to all smartphones available on the market today. And if you’re a Google pixel 2 user, you’re certainly not an exception.

A lot of pixel 2 users have reported that from time to time, they’ve been receiving a no text alert on their phone. The head-scratching event is that though they receive SMS messages on it, their pixel 2 doesn't show the notification that it already has been received. during this guide, we’ll be showing you the method on the way to fix this issue.

Fixing the No Text Alert Issue of pixel 2

If you have not been receiving any text, email or the other sort of notifications on your pixel 2, proceed to the directions we tend to catered below to resolve this issue. the good thing about these steps is that it’ll additionally fix all kinds of notification-not-appearing problems on your pixel 2.

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Head to the Mail app
  3. Browse for the button that says “More” then press the “Settings” choice
  4. Afterwards, click “Notifications”
  5. Inspect whether the master control of email notifications is activated
  6. Input the e-mail account that you simply need to check the notifications
  7. Double check whether the alert tab is enabled

Once done, all notifications received on your pixel 2 shall appear. This technique shall be applicable for all pixel 2 alerts like texts, emails, etc. Also, you'll be able to modify the sound settings for every alert you receive on your pixel 2 on its last sub-menu.

Now, things are going to be easier and you’ll be notified of every alert you received on your phone. this may help you understand whether the text, email or call is very important to filter it out and increase the productivity of your day!