OnePlus 2 Disconnected From Cell Network Fix

OnePlus 2 Disconnected From Cell Network Fix

Disconnections while in a middle of a very important call is really nerve wracking. If you’re a OnePlus 5 avid user, it’s essential to find out a way to solve the disconnection from cell network issue on your smartphone. the problem causes your phone to drop incoming and outgoing calls on it. during this guide, we’ll be teaching you the way to solve this issue so you’re able to create or receive a call on your OnePlus 5 again.

Dropped calls are very natural on a smartphone. Luckily, we got some few tricks on our sleeves that’ll assist you not experience it anymore. though OnePlus haven’t released any updates on its software system to solve this bug, you'll be able to simply fix this issue simply by disabling the LTE on your smartphone then shifting it into 3G (WCDMA/GSM).

Solving Disconnection from Cell Network Issue

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Open your Settings app
  3. Press Mobile Network
  4. Choose Network Mode
  5. Press the WCDMA/GSM (auto connect) option

Once you’ve done the method, you would like to check your phone for several days to inspect whether it’s dropping calls. one more technique is by making sure your phone’s software system is updated.

Head on to Settings > about Device > software system Update then inspect if it’s updated.

Given that you’ve done the process above then still doesn’t fix the problem, your last resort is to go to a OnePlus technician and have it checked if there are hardware malfunctions, or you can ask for a replacement unit if it’s still covered under the warranty.