Where Do I Get Ringtones For Motorola Moto Z2

Another way to explore your Motorola Moto Z2 smartphone is through changing and customizing your ringtones. you'll be able to customise a unique ringtone for a certain person or customise an alarm tone that reminds you of a specific task. Below are simple and fast steps on how to personalize your ringtones.

The directions below should answer the inquiries where do i get ringtones for my Motorola Moto Z2? the simplest motivation to make a custom ringtone on the Moto Z2 is to make things more personal, and it’ll enable you to know who’s calling without looking at the screen of your Motorola Moto Z2.

How to download Ringtones to Motorola Moto Z2

It’s relatively simple to make and assign custom ringtones with the Motorola Moto Z2. It’s possible to customise a ringtone for each individual caller and for text message audio notifications as well. check out this guide for how to do so:

  1. Power up your device
  2. Open the Contacts app
  3. You can also open the Phone app and choose contacts
  4. Find the contact to which you’d prefer to assign a custom ringtone
  5. Tap Edit
  6. Choose Ringtone
  7. You’ll see a dialogue box with all of the available sounds
  8. Find the tone you’ve got in mind for this person and choose it
  9. You can also browse to other folders on your device or an sd card

Now your calls will be personalized to the people trying to reach you!