How to Download Videos From Facebook 6 Ways

6 Way to Download Facebook Video on Android

Today we will discuss about how to download videos on facebook via Android smartphone. it is a habit of facebook user to continue to share anything through their facebook account. One of the most commonly shared digital products is video.

This shared video of course contains certain information, ranging from important information to non-essential videos. In addition, shared videos are also intended to be enjoyed or watched by many people.

But unfortunately, many things that result in other facebook users do not have time to imitate video on facebook in full. Though the video is very important for him to be shown to others or just a reference for himself .

As a solution, then this cideo should be downloaded or saved to smartphone. so it can be watched offline at any time. However, it turns out that downloading or saving videos on facebook to android smartphones is not as ease as downloading images.

Easily download videos from facebook, do the following ways

Several ways can be done to download videos on facebook. One way that can be done is to install the following third-party applications. Please choose one only which you think is best and suitable for your Android Smartphone.

1. Snaptube Video for Android

This application is very easy to use. Simply download and install the Snaptube Video app and login with your facebook account into that app. Then you are ready to download any video you want.

Starting from videos shared by friends, videos tags, videos in groups, videos on pages and more. If you are interested in this application, download it on Google Play Store.

Great news, with snaptube you can download videos from any social media networks like Instagram, twitter, Google Plus, and Snapchat, Just Copy the video link , Download icon will appear right down the screen .

Download Snaptube Video for Android

2. MyVideo Downloader for Facebook

Another third-party app that you can use to download videos from facebook is MyVideo Downloader for Facebook. The way to use it is very easy.

With this app you can download videos you have like, share, and tags, videos shared by friends, even videos shared by groups, pages and news feeds on facebook.

Download MyVideo Downloader ForFacebook Application.

3. Video Downloader For Facebook

In addition to the above two applications, the next third-party app that you can use to download videos on facebook is Video Downloader For Facebook. Actually not only videos that can be downloaded with this application. Any from of image format can be easily downloaded using the lightweight application.

As with similar apps in general, with this app you can download videos uploaded by friends, videos from pages that you like, videos that include you (in tags), to your own uploaded videos.

How to use it is very easy, suitable for anyone with any Android Phone. This app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

4. Save Facebook Videos

As the name suggests, this Android app can also be used to download various videos on facebook.
Starting from the long duration of the video long though. The interface of this app is quite human friendly. Anyone can easily use this app.

With just a few touches then you can easily download videos on facebook to your Android smartphone file storage. Applications save facebook videos can be downloaded and installed free of charge through the Google Play Store.

Download Save Facebook Videos App

5. Download Video For Facebook

The next application is called Download Video for Facebook. Before using this application to download videos on facebook, you are need to login first using your facebook username and password.

After login, the next step is to find the video you want to download it. This app can download videos from pages, groups, even videos on friend's homepage and more.

Download Application DownloadVideo For Facebook

6. EZ Video Downloader for Facebook

Finally, an app that can help you download videos on facebook is EZ Video Download For Facebook. This application is quite easy to use. You just have to press the download icon on the right side of the video you are watching. With this application you can download videos from Facebook groups, pages you like, video tag from friends and others.

After that, the video will be downloaded then you can watch it in the future offline without using internet.

Download AZ Video Download forFacebook Application

I hope this article is useful for You .