How to Change Search Engine to Google in UC Browser

- June 12, 2018
Change Search Engine to Google in UC Browser

This Article on how to change search engine (search engine) Yahoo to Google in UC Browser browser. That is, setting the Google search engine as the default view in UC Browser. Let keyword powerful position on page-one search engine of any kind, then my keyword will be added as follows.

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How to change search engine UC Browser from Yahoo to Google

Let's be serious, let's just say the two previous paragraphs are the pearls to lure you into this article.

The special conditions to change the default search engine in UC Browser are:

  • You have finished installing UC Browser browser on your laptop / PC.
  • You have opened UC Browser.
  • You are required to remove the Search engine manager extension as it is marked in the following figure. Because the extension will only prevent you from changing the search engine to Google in UC Browser.

Change Search Engine to Google in UC Browser

If the extension is updated and activated, then the setting of the search engine changes to be in vain, its function is taken over by the extension.

After that, follow the steps as in the following picture. Starting by clicking on the menu icon (line three)> Settings> then change and customize the General menu (each on the My homepage and Search engines tab) like the photo below

Change Search Engine to Google in UC Browser
Never you click the Set as default browser button, otherwise wants this browser to be the browser president on your laptop or computer.

For other browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Android Browser, etc) please follow the way in the description: Make Google the default search engine.



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