How To Know Your iPhone Origin Country

- June 27, 2018
iPhone Origin Country

This article will discuss how to know iPhone Origin Country maker of Apple products (iPhone and iPad). That is, with this country code you will know your iPhone and iPad is produced or originated from any country.

Every smartphone or mobile device must have several numbers and a separate code to decipher something. For example, IMEI code on iPhone products, which turns out even this IMEI code can be one way to check the origin of the iPhone from which country.

In addition to the serial number or IMEI, there is one more way to be able to find out where the iPhone Origin Country of the iPhone or iPad, ie with a specific code, the country code.

Before knowing how to see the country code of origin Apple products made, especially for iPhone and iPad, please see first full list of country code tables, for preference to the next stage:

FROMEgypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates
BIreland, UK, Also used for replacement
BRBrazil (Assembled in Brazil)
BZBrazil (Assembled in China)
CZCzech Republic
DNAustria, Germany, Netherlands
FBFrance, Luxembourg
FDAustria, on the other hand,
ID atau SAIndonesia
KSFinland, Sweden
THEKolombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru
LLUnited States of America
LZChile, Paraguay, Uruguay
NFBelgium, France, Luxembourg
SOsouth Africa
XAustralia, New Zealand
ZPHong Kong, Macau

How to Know iPhone Country of Origin Produced iPhone box

It turns out to know the regional code of the home country of the iPhone maker can be known with without turning your iPhone or iPad smartphone. Simply check the rear-bottom box or iPhone box, there will be listed a special code as information from where the origin of this iPhone is made.

For example, note the marked in the following picture:

Seen on the iPhone box there is the LL code, which indicates that the iPhone product was made in USA, California, not China, India or Indonesia.

Also, note the sections marked in the following picture:

Written there Assembled in China. Most people would think that the iPhone was manufactured or manufactured in China.

Actually, the purpose of Assembled in China is that the iPhone or iPad is assembled in China if its manufacture still refers to the country code listed beside the left of the code / A on the box of the iPhone or iPad product.

Easy enough is not it?

Even before buying or paying for iPhone and iPad you can already know the product is made from which country, no need to open the box first, just look at the description section in the iPhone box.

Check iPhone or iPad country of origin through the Settings menu

For those who already have an iPhone or iPad but do not know where the product is sold, and curious to know it, here's how:

  1. Go to the Settings menu 
  2. Then General 
  3. Select About 
  4. Scroll to the bottom, see column Model 

One or two letters before writing / A is the country code of origin the iPhone was made.
How to determine it is the same as seeing the code on the iPhone box as in the previous tutorial.

What if there is no country code on hp iPhone or iPad? The greatest possibility that your phone is an HDC or replica product (super-copy, king copy) alias instead of iPhone and iPad Original. 



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