How to Fix iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Freezing Problem

- June 12, 2018
iPhone 8 Freezing

A lot of people considered iPhone 8 as one of the best smartphones in 2017 and 2018, but some of the people faced the bad side when using the phone because of the iPhone 8 freezing issues.

The iPhone 8 freezing happens with or without the apps that you use on the iPhone 8.  in this article you will able to fix the iPhone 8 freezing problem using this instruction below.

Here is How to Fix iPhone 8 freezing

We have discovered too many reasons on why people have iPhone 8 freezing and crashing problem. we recommend that before doing any of this solutions, first try to update your iPhone 8 to the latest iOS version. if the update didn't fix the freezing and crashing on apps problem, you now can proceed the solutions in the next direction below.

Delete bad apps on iPhone 8

First, you need to check your applications, bad apps might be the reason for freezing issues on iPhone 8. to know more about any app you download, read the people reviews on App Store if you see people complaining about any apps you have, uninstall it.

Free Up some Memory

In certain case, an app could freeze or crash because there is insufficient space on your device. If this is the case, you should free up some space by uninstalling and deleting apps that you do not use frequently or delete media files which are not very important.

Fix any Memory Glitches

When your phone stays active for too long without restarting, bugs and other issues start to creep in which may lead to the iPhone 8 freezing or crashing. A memory glitch could be responsible for all that but you can fix the problem by turning On and Off your smartphone.

Hard Reset to fix iPhone 8 freezing

The amazing way to fix iPhone 8 freezing and crashing is to perform a hard reset, follow this video by GottaBeMobile on How to Fix a Frozen iPhone 8

Factory Reset Settings on iPhone 8

If you can't know what is causing iPhone 8 freezing problem, then the best solution is to factory reset iPhone 8, this will fix the issues, a factory reset will make you lose data like apps, passwords, and account settings. before you start make sure you backup your iPhone 8.

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This article help me to fix this iPhone 8 freezing problem, thanks otfeed for the tips



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