How To Connect OnePlus 6 To TV

    Connect OnePlus 6 To TV

    Connect OnePlus 6 to TV is easy, OnePlus 6 has an amazing display screen to watch movies or YouTube but when you are home you need to watch at the big TV screen, in this article, we will show you way on how to Connect OnePlus to TV or you can call it screen mirror.

    To connect OnePlus 6 to TV screen easy and simple you can connect it with HDMI cable or any other cable, but the easy way to connect is wirelessly connecting, this article will guide you.

    There is 2 way to connect OnePlus 6 to TV you can use a wireless connection or HDMI.follow us below we will discuss them with you :

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    Connect OnePlus 6 to TV Using the Wireless Connection

    1. Buy an Allshare Hub you will find it on Amazon and connect it to your TV using the standard HDMI cable
    2. Connect the AllShare Hub and your phone to the same wireless network.
    3. Browse Settings, select screen Mirroring.

    Hint: SmartTVs don’t require Allshare Hub, you can easily connect your OnePlus 6 to it.

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