How To Fix Blurry Photos and Videos On iPhone 8

     Blurry Photos and Videos On iPhone 8

    Did you face blurry pictures, photos, and videos when you open the camera on iPhone 8 ? if you face iPhone 8 blurry photos problem, you are in the right place to fix blurry iPhone photos or videos, you can follow this article instructions steps to fix it.

    Sometimes this issue causes different reasons, in this case, you need to try a few troubleshooting methods before you send the iPhone to repaired by Apple store.

    First, you need to check if there is something on the camera lens like plastic wrapping or dust, this plastic wrapping if you purchased the iPhone 8 recently.

    After you checking your iPhone 8 camera if it still has the plastic wrapping and after cleaning the camera if there is dust on it, but you still face the problem of the iPhone blurry photos, you will need to try the next method listed below.

    How to fix iPhone 8 blurry photos or videos

    Blurry photos and videos may happen because Software settings, first make sure that picture stabilization is turned on, you can turn it on by going to camera settings menu in the camera app if picture stabilization is off you will face blurry pictures and videos you must turn it on.

    Clear your iPhone 8 RAM

    iPhone RAM may be full and choked this can be the cause of the problem, to clear the iPhone 8 RAM to follow this direction below:

    1. Move to the Home Screen.
    2. Press and hold the power button until the slide to turn off appear.
    3. Press and hold the Home button few seconds till the home screen appear again.

    Check Your iPhone Camera Settings

    You must check the settings of your iPhone camera to be sure that it is not set to low resolution, to set the resolution on iPhone 8 camera follow this direction below :

    1. Go to the Settings app and click on the “Camera” option.
    2. Next, click on “Record Video.”
    3. Now check if the resolution is low. If it is, you can pick the highest resolution available.

    The last method if all this ways didn't fix the problem of iPhone 8 blurry photos, follow these directions below:

    1. Go to settings, then click General
    2. Go to reset
    3. Enter your Apple id and password to reset the iPhone.

    If you still have issues with photos and videos being blurry, you need to go to Apple Store they will check there is the problem with the camera itself or the software issues.

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