How To Fix Galaxy Note 9 Bluetooth Problem Manual

    How To Fix Galaxy Note 9 Bluetooth Problem Manual

    When you have any issues with the Bluetooth feature of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and you want to fix it quickly , then this is the article you need . Bluetooth issues prevent you from connect your device to any other devices and this bothers a lot of people.

    When that happens you will lose the ability to receive files from other devices,  not only that you will not be able to play music via Bluetooth speakers this can be very frustrating,  that's why you should fix it as soon as you can to enjoy all the features of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

    Some of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owners have complained of experience Bluetooth problems on their Samsung smartphone,  so the purpose of this article is to let you know how you can fix the issue.

    The first thing you should try to do is to read this guide on how you can clear the cache of your Samsung smartphone, a method that has been proven to fix issues caused by your cache.

    By deleting the cache data your, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will clear all devices that it has been connected so that you can start a fresh. And this is one of the proven ways to fix Bluetooth issue.

    However, if clearing the cache does not solve the Bluetooth issue that you are experiencing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then you should continue reading this article to learn more effective ways of resolving the issue.

    How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Bluetooth Issues 

    You can try to put your smartphone into recovery mode and then wipe cache partition, after doing that you should be able to connect your phone to other Bluetooth enabled devices.
    Again if the issue continues to occur after you have wiped the cache partition, I will suggest that you should follow the tips below.

    1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9
    2. Click the app icon on the home screen
    3. Click on the Settings app
    4. Locate the Application Manager
    5. Use your finger to swipe right for all tabs to appear
    6. Click on the ‘Bluetooth’ tab
    7. Select Bluetooth and then click on the ‘force stop’ option
    8. Click on the Clear cache icon
    9. Select Clear data option
    10. Click on ‘OK’ if prompted
    11. Then you can restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to solve the Bluetooth issues

    I can assure you that following the instructions in this article will effectively help you to fix the Bluetooth issues that you are facing on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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