How to Factory Reset iPhone 13 | Erase All Data

Factory Reset iPhone 13
If you’re selling the iPhone 13 or trying to fix some problems or you’d just like to start your iPhone 13 with a clean slate, this post will go over a few options to reset your iPhone 13 to the factory settings.

Backup your iPhone 13 Data

as always before factory resetting any phone it's important to backup your data first to not lose any important info or files, if you've already backup your phone so go to the next step and if you are not here is how to backup your iPhone 13

  1. Go to The Settings
  2. Click on your profile at the top
  3. Click on iCloud
  4. Click on Back up Now

Your iPhone must be connected to wifi.

Forced restart your iPhone 13

First, if the problem you face is not that serious, you need to force restart your iPhone to see if the problems are fixed or not.

Reset all settings

if a forced restart didn't solve your problem then you need to try resetting all settings, reset all settings will not delete any files or data.

iPhone 13 Factory Reset

After trying all the steps above and the problems still on your iPhone then this is the time to factory reset but remember to backup first, follow the next steps to factory reset your iPhone 13:

1. Go to settings

2. Go down and look for General

3. Scroll down and click Transfer or Reset iPhone

4. Click Erase All Content and Settings

5. Click Continue then enter your iPhone passcode

6. Click Turn Off at the top screen

Your iPhone 13 will start the Factory Reset, it will take some minutes to fully complete the factory reset. we hope this post helps you to perform Factory Reset for your iPhone 13, comment below if you need any help.
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